About eighteen months ago, maybe a bit longer, we began a process of deciding who we wanted to be as a company and what we thought we could achieve.

At that time, and up until yesterday, we were ELC Technologies. We had managed to be quite successful as a Ruby and Rails developer with an Agile bent. We had a great deal of experience working in the Cloud, particularly on two pioneering services, AWS and Heroku. We were there as alpha testers and could feel like pioneers in the space.

We just didn't want to be only that. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't ambitious enough for us.

So, we started off with a mission: To create software that makes the world a better place to live, work, and play. It simply says what we should be doing at our core, and what should be the motivating factor in our work. Software, in our opinion, is a creative process and it needs to aim high in the consciousness of its users because they have other options. They always have other options in a world that is driven by technology on devices that are attached to us almost twenty-four seven.

So, we needed to think bigger. We needed a range of services that we didn't have eighteen months ago, but that we knew we were doing, or could be doing, or should be doing. So, we recruited the right talent and worked on the right muscle groups to get strong enough to grow beyond being a Ruby and Rails dev shop. We needed to build our own infrastructure and capabilities to support development for a cross-device, multi-OS, ADD-addled world where you might be lucky to get someone's attention for a fraction of a second. And if you don't make the most of that fraction of a second with applications that are user-centric and perform well and are reliable then, it doesn't matter what your business plan or your marketing spend, you are likely to lose and not get a second chance.

It's a creative thing this software building thing, but it can be brutal, too. We had to smarten up and we needed to build out our organization to reflect the nature of a changing environment.

Today, Burnside Digital provides a suite of creative, consultative, technology and engineering services that enable applications to straddle the connected universe in a social, secure, and user centric way.

Burnside Digital has expertise in Agile development, Ruby and Rails, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Cloud Service Management, Legacy integration, UX and UI, User Centric Design, Clojure, JRuby, JavaScript, and can also help you recruit and train talent as you build out your Agile team.

We can do the lean start-up, and scale it to the enterprise ready application developer. We can be the helping hand on a project and we can be the architects of grand visions. We have all the pieces you need to meet the challenges of the mobile universe. The devices get smaller but the challenges get bigger. We are ready for whatever they are.

We are ready to create software that makes the world a better place to live, work, and play.