One of the most exciting and integral phases in the lifecycle of a software product is the predevelopment period when visions are refined, and strategies are born. We call this Discovery, and it's one of the flagship services we offer at Burnside Digital.

The Discovery phase is the richest period in the life cycle of a project. It’s a period of time that has the greatest potential value to a product’s end state. Here, key components are organized, to facilitate conceptualization of the product, that allows for strategic planning around the technology, design, and development process of best fit. The value of a discovery isn't relegated to just the engineering strategy either.

On the business side this phase can help to identify key business ideas and metrics, such as the value proposition of the product, ROI forecasting, and market identification. The full value of this phase is realized when bringing together engineering and business strategy allows the scope of the Discovery to encompass even the viability of the project itself.

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